Tokyo Babylon 2021 TV Anime postponed

This news was published a few hours ago, I personally saw the tweet this morning since I am following the official account of the anime. I’ve been wondering if they’d do it or not… it was a big announcement, and you could tell they worked on many scenes already from the trailers!
But they are really making it happen, i can only wish luck to the staff remaking the episodes >.<
A shame it’s not an April release anymore considering how emblematic cherry blossom trees are in Tokyo Babylon.
And I regret not saving the trailers now hahaha I should have downloaded them as soon as they were shared online, but I think they must still be around on youtube, I will very likely find them easily πŸ™‚

original tweet:

Chibi Yuuto's CHRoNiCLEs

Today the Tokyo Babylon 2021 TV Anime production team has released an official statement announcing that the beginning of broadcast, which was originally scheduled for April 2021, has been postponed.

Here’s a rough translation of the statement:

Important report

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your continued patronage.

The [Tokyo BABYLON 2021] committee takes the issue of imitation very seriously.
A compliance team was set up within the committee to reflect deeply and take strict measures.
We will continue to work on further legal compliance.

Therefore, we will postpone the broadcast of this work, which is currently scheduled to be broadcast in April 2021.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to CLAMP, everyone who loves the original β€œTokyo BABYLON” work, everyone who is looking forward to and supporting the TV anime β€œTokyo BABYLON 2021”, and everyone involved.

We pledge to deliver entertainment that fans can enjoy…

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